Wed, September 9, 2020

On Thursday afternoon, students in Year 3 had the opportunity to meet and learn from the Author and Illustrator of Scribbly Gum Secrets, Dannika Patterson and Megan Forward.

These talented ladies co-presented a STEAM styled workshop that enabled students to learn how fact, fiction and art can come together to create a wonderful picture book that is able to be enjoyed by many.

Through the student’s participation in this interactive and engaging workshop, they were able to put their own art skills to the test, foster creativity and further develop their ecological awareness.

During the Scribbly Steam Workshop students were encouraged, by Dannika, Megan and their teachers, to be curious, hypothesise, problem-solve, question and work as teams. They were asked to close the gap between Science, Art and Literature and understand that all can be intertwined to create one awesome outcome.