Fri, August 17, 2018

SHELDON College Students enjoy a helicopter thrill-ride, participate in an Arcade Game Maker Competition and explore the world via Under Water via Virtual Reality Technology thanks to National Science Week (11-19 August). 

Students are immersed in a jam-packed week of activities designed to ignite their passion for Science aligned with the 2018 theme ‘Game Changers and Change Makers’ to support their journey to become lifelong learners.

Sheldon College Principal and CEO Dr Lyn Bishop said she “is delighted at the students’ academic progress and innovation as part of the *STEAM curriculum.”

“Science Week puts a spotlight on Sheldon College students who have shown curiosity and innovation during their STEAM studies,” she said.

“Students such as Year 12 student Jacob Johnson who recently received a High Distinction Award in the ICAS test; and Year 9 student Magnus Prain who won the Science Project Competition for his design piece about Tummo meditation and will experience this wonderful flight opportunity.

“The helicopter will take the two students and Sheldon College Science Teacher Heather Dixon on a short flight over the school to soak up the Bayside view and scenic surrounds of the College.”

“Today’s students will become tomorrow’s scientists.”

Dr Lyn Bishop, Founder and Principal/CEO of Sheldon College

Principal Bishop said during the week students will reflect on today’s Game Changers who use science to solve problems or design solutions.

“A range of Science-based activities have been organised to promote innovative thinking such as a Paper Plane Making and Flying Competition to learn about aerodynamics, a Crystallisation Experiment, adopting a mechanical dog and experiencing The Splitting of Water,” she said.

Principal Bishop said the College has been at the forefront of STEAM innovation in 2018 with educators rolling out a myriad of educational initiatives such as a potential new curriculum, a Mars Mission 5 exploration and Robotics competition.

“We are developing our students to prepare them for jobs of the future which don’t exist yet, by giving them the opportunity to see, hear and feel things which are inconceivable without technology, which will then enable them to become the change makers of the future,” she said.

“The College’s Year 9 Design, Business and Media teachers are creating a new elective course with external industry partners to be implemented in 2019 – Innovation, Design, Engineering, Arts and Social Entrepreneurs which will endeavour to solve social impact issues aligned to Health, Environment and Aged Care,” she said.

“Mars Mission 5 gives Years 1 - 6 classes the opportunity to be space scientists and remotely control a sophisticated robot rover across a recreation of the planet surface as they search for evidence of life.

“Upcoming workshops with Sheldon College students and parents will explore Artificial Intelligence and teach them how robots can now read humans; how to explore the anatomy of the human body via Augmented Reality and become an Astronaut and take an exploratory journey on another planet.

*Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics