Tue, September 15, 2020

Run by Mrs Jenni Haywood every Thursday afternoon during Term Time, Science Academy provides a wonderful enrichment program that enables students in Years 7-11 to delve into the many scientific disciplines that extend beyond the Australian Specification.

This tailor-made program supports students in actively engaging with various real-world scientific scenarios where they are able to collect, process, analyse, hypothesise, report on, and of course learn about.

This Term the students have been exploring Forensic Science which has proved to be incredibly popular. Throughout this unit of study, the students have actively explored the following modules:

-       Fingerprints as evidence

-       Microscopy of blood and blood splatter analysis

-       Luminol and fluorescence of blood and saliva

-       Hairs and fibres as evidence

-       Facial reconstruction, footwear mark analysis and glass as evidence

-       Collect and record evidence from a mock crime scene

-       Photography of evidence

-       Forensic food investigations

“Science Academy gives students practical, real-world experiences that go beyond the Australian curriculum. Experiences which develop problem-solving and inquiry skills, along with understandings of, and about, a range of scientific disciplines, whilst advancing student independence and innovative approaches to their learning,” stated Senior Science Teacher, Mrs Jenni Haywood.

“Recently, students completed a module in Forensic Science & Criminal Investigation, taking them on an exciting case-based journey through all the investigative stages from crime scene to court.”

Sheldon College loves being able to provide additional opportunities for students to develop and foster their interests across various academic disciplines. The incredibly talented teachers are always willing to ensure that students receive the very best support in regard to their educational endeavours.

 “Come along, get involved and see where your journey takes you” added Mrs Haywood.