Tue, May 21, 2019

"After 39 years in education, I still love what I do."

Mrs Karen Bishop

In celebration of Library and Information Week, Mrs Karen Bishop and the wonderful team in the Junior Learning Centre are excited to share with the College community an insight into one of Sheldon College’s quality learning facilities.  

 The Junior Learning Centre has played a crucial part in the development of young minds since its inception, with the primary purpose of promoting and encouraging a reading culture. This allows for the integration of this year’s Library and Information Week’s theme of Truth, Integrity and Knowledge to shine bright.

 Mrs Karen Bishop has played an active role within the Sheldon College community for the past nineteen years, inspiring both past and present students to form a love of reading and learning. She has served the students of the College diligently, from teaching in areas of English, Mathematics, Science and Humanities, to now managing the Junior Learning Centre, as she has done for the past five years.

 “I like to whet the appetite of students to make them want to read more, whether it be fiction or non-fiction as these are both equally as important,” said Mrs Bishop. She went on to say that “after 39 years in education, I still love what I do.”

 The Junior Learning Centre prides itself on its talented team of dedicated Library Technicians, including Miss Tanya Iseli, Ms Sharnie Siau, Mrs Leigh Whitlock and Mrs Judy Wilson, who are equally as passionate as Mrs Karen Bishop about inspiring the children to love books and to encourage possibilities to be defined only by creativity.

 National Simultaneous Storytime also falls within this week on Wednesday 22 May. On this day participants across Australia and New Zealand are invited to read Alpacas with Maracas written and illustrated by Matt Cosgrove.

In the Sheldon College Junior Learning Centre, the possibilities are endless.

 For more information on Library and Information Week please visit: https://www.alia.org.au/liw