Tue, July 28, 2020

The Spectacular One Voice Concert was held last week by Vocal students in Years 9 –12. 

Vocal students were asked to submit a short video audition, and from the entries 10 female students and 10 male students were invited to perform at the One Voice Concert for a select audience. 

The student performances at this event, together with other criteria are used to select the 5 Female and 5 Male ‘Vocalists of the Year’ Nominees for the Arts Academy Awards 2020. 

The One Voice Concert certainly gave attendees something to sing about, with selected young performing soloists having the opportunity to present their strong voice techniques and vocal training, providing our students with the incentive to rise to the next level in the pursuit of excellence.

With the depth of talent and enthusiasm constantly displayed by the Sheldon College Arts students, it makes choosing only five nominees per category a tremendously difficult task for the Australian School of the Arts. The final award recipients will be acknowledged and celebrated during this year’s Arts Academy Awards event, to be held in October. 

Studying voice helps students to develop their own personal, creative language.  One Voice creates an opportunity for our vocalists to develop and communicate their artistic ideas with confidence through connecting with an audience.  It’s such a great opportunity for our students to explore their voices through sharing the human experience. said Miss Rachel Head, Performance Music – Faculty of Arts.