Tue, August 15, 2017
Last Term our Year 7 cohort participated in the Shining Light Project. 

This student driven, social business initiative was a cross-curricular project delivered during English, Science and Technology lessons. On Tuesday afternoons, the students worked in the MakerSpace and the Design Labs of the LINQ Precinct to produce a marketing campaign to raise awareness for Energy poverty in our world. 

The Shining Light Project was developed in order to service a social need known as Energy Poverty. Year 7 students worked as small business units, to design, construct and market a financially self-sustainable solar panel light. 

At the completion of the unit, the students promoted and sold their uniquely designed products during a tradeshow. The aim of the trade show was to raise awareness and funds to support their partnered organisation, Pollinate Energy. Pollinate Energy bring life-changing products to millions of people living in poverty in India’s urban slums.

On Assembly last Friday, Year 7 students Samuel Van Aken and Tahlia McCloskey presented a cheque of the funds raised by the students for $853.50 to Tim, a representative from Pollinate Energy, who then shared with the Sheldon community how these funds will be used.