Tue, August 4, 2020
To celebrate Maths week, running from Monday 3 August to Friday 7 August, we reflect on some of the wonderful achievements and the Maths-related participation that we have seen in the past few weeks. 

On Monday 27 July, a number of eager students participated in the Maths X competition which is open to all secondary school students across Queensland. The College is pleased to announce that Year 7 student, David Chiu and Year 8 student, Luke Strader, came 2nd, thereby securing themselves a cash prize. Congratulations to these students on such a successful result and to all of the other hard-working participants. 

In addition to the Maths X competition, a number of students from Years 3 – Years 10 were provided with the opportunity to participate in the Australian Mathematics Competition (AMC) for the first time at Sheldon College. The AMC is Australia’s largest Maths competition and proves to be an effective self-tester for students, as it demonstrates its place in everyday life and makes Maths enjoyable for students along the way. 

“It is fantastic to have so many students interested in Maths, most specifically those in the younger years who are eager to see where the path leads them,” stated Mr Chris Niven, Head of Faculty – Mathematics Years 7 -9. 

“These students ensure one thing is very clear, and that is that the future is bright.” 

Sheldon College is incredibly proud of the wonderful opportunities that it is able to provide for students within the Academic, Sporting and Cultural arenas of College life. Stay tuned to see the many other outstanding things in which our students engage.