Fri, April 17, 2020

Madonna King, a Brisbane-based award-winning author, commentator and journalist, returned to the campus in Term 1 on Thursday 12 March to assist Year 11 students to have success with their Formal Internal Assessment Task. 

For this particular task, students were required to profile the author of their class novel to gain an understanding of what the author’s motivations and ideologies were when creating their book. 

During this workshop, the fundamental question that Madonna asked the students was: How does the author shape ideas and themes to influence the reader? 

Throughout the day’s events the students took many notes and asked questions of Madonna surrounding their assessment piece. Madonna actively shared with the students her approach to completing this task. Ultimately, she encouraged students to be active and avid researchers, to get to know the author and what others have said about the author, to not be afraid to ask questions, never give up, be a reflective writer and to always have a unique angle when writing articles. 

Madonna is a wonderful writer and through her many visits to the College over the years she has always provided students and teachers alike with relevant and useful information to not only help them with their academic pursuits, but to also assist them in their everyday lives.