Fri, May 4, 2018
The Australian School of the Arts has once again done Sheldon College proud, with a stunning production of the Broadway Musical “Legally Blonde, the Musical”.  

The two week season was a sell-out success, with over 3,000 Redlands residents enjoying this high-energy, fun-filled, effervescent show.

Legally Blonde is The Australian School of the Arts’ 19th annual Senior College Musical and involved 124 students across the Cast, Band, Backstage Crew and Technical Crew, all contributing in their own area of expertise to help make this show an outstanding success.

"The greatest thing about this year’s Musical has been watching those students who have, over the years, been patiently waiting in the wings, finally get their chance to step into the spotlight and blow the audience away.  It never ceases to amaze me what outstanding talent and potential we have on that stage."

Mr Darren Harvey, Executive Producer/Director

The show has received some wonderful feedback from Redlands residents, praising the professionalism of the production and remarking on the maturity of the Cast and the seamless integration of the live Band.

These comments are remarkable when one bears in mind that our instrumental students were performing the full Broadway musical score, which would challenge even seasoned professionals. Most schools taking on this musical would have performed the “junior” version of this score, or had bands made up predominantly of staff members. In addition, this year’s Cast was comprised of all but three performers who made their debut in a Lead role.