Wed, September 16, 2020

Each year, students in Kindergarten treat their parents to a very special performance – the Kindy Circus.

Emceed by Ring Master Luhrmann, this year’s show featured many talented performers, whose superior skillsets dazzled the audience. There were Crazy Clowns, Elegant Elephants, Delightful Dancers, Talented Tightrope walkers, Agile Acrobats, Courageous Cowboys, Lethal Lions, Marvellous Magicians and of course Wondrous Weightlifters.

By participating in an experience such as this, students were able to develop their confidence, demonstrate creativity and enthusiasm, and showcase some of their skills for the ones that they love.

Filled with an immense amount of talent, this year’s Kindy Circus once again proved to be a show stopping performance.