Wed, August 26, 2020

Hybrid Animal Design Project

inspired by Uno’s Garden

After reading Uno’s Garden by Graeme Base and learning about the plight of endangered species, Year 2 students designed and built their own super species.  

The young imaginative students have been involved in a plethora of invigorating activities centred around the Uno’s Garden Project, including learning how to use new tools and technology and studying features, habitats, diets and survival strategies of various groups of animals.

This cross-curricular project began with researching two animals of a student’s choice, followed by the children writing a non-fiction creative narrative with their hybrid as the main character, using the Book Creator app. They described their hybrid character’s internal and external traits, created a setting and crafted an engaging narrative that centred around their hybrid overcoming an obstacle.

Utilising the new knowledge gained from their research, our inspired creators combined the animals into an innovative, amazing hybrid creature using recycled cardboard materials, Makedo construction tools and LittleBits.

We welcomed Year 2 parent helpers to the campus to assist with the extremely messy and fun mod rocking (papier mache process), whereby they rolled up their sleeves and assisted in bringing the children’s creations to life, along with plenty of paint and feathers, of course.

During this wonderful term of discovery and excitement in Year Two, our students have learned how to develop ideas through different forms, styles, techniques, materials and technologies whilst also creating 3D versions of their hybrid animals.