Grandparents and Special Friends' Day

Friday, 19 August 2022

Grandparents and Special Friends play such an important role in the lives of children and young people. 

That's why we set aside a day each year to acknowledge the contribution you are all making to the emotional and educational success of the students we have the privilege of teaching. Grandparents and Special Family Friends have such a huge positive impact on the emotional and educational development of the young people whose lives they touch.

This day is in honour of you!

Date: Friday 19 August 2022
Time: College Gates open at 7:30am
Classroom Interaction: 8:30am to 9:15am
Assembly Time: 9:25am to 10:40am (For Guests) / 9:40am to 10:40 am (For Students in Kindy to Year 6 & Year 12 only)
Morning Tea Picnic: 10:50am to 11:20am (Prep to Year 12)
Event Concludes: 11:20am

Morning Tea Student Departure

Please note, that food is not provided. You are invited to bring along your own food or purchase something from Café 97.

Students and guests (Prep onwards) can relax and enjoy Morning Tea together in the Courtyard. Please provide picnic blankets, chairs etc and set up prior to 8:30am.

Student Departure

As this rescheduled event falls in the middle of the term, which is key teaching time, we are encouraging students to remain at the College after the event. However, we understand that for some families, it would be more convenient for the children to leave straight after the event rather than making a third trip.

Therefore, if you decide to take your children home after morning tea at 11.20am, please advise the child's supervising teacher and then sign the child out at Student Services.

Event Structure

Please take your picnic blankets and chairs to the Morning Tea area highlighted on the map and set up your area (spaces will fill up fast).

This year we are including Kindergarten in the morning tea part of the day. Therefore, if you have a grandchild in Kindy, please set up your picnic area down there upon arrival.

  • Students in Kindy to Year 6 (& Year 12) will be in attendance at Assembly. 
  • Students in Years 7 to 11 do not attend Assembly but will join the Morning Tea at 10:50am.

What if my child does not have any Grandparents that can attend?

We understand that not all families will be able to have their Grandparents attend. That is why we have always made the day to include Friends of the family as well. Parents and extended family are most welcome to attend too if any. Students who do not have any guests that can attend with them will be cared for by the Teachers who will prepare a fun and loving set of activities for the duration of the event.

Detailed Information
Information for New Families **IMPORTANT**
Cafe 97 & Kiosk Services
Kindergarten Information

Detailed Information

Mobility Needs

Any special request for any specific mobility movement or seating needs are to be emailed directly to our Events department: [email protected]. 

Travelling in COVID Times

Traditionally, our visiting guests on the day travel from interstate and even from overseas. We love to hear from people who have travelled significant distances to attend. This will be a special celebration this year as state and international borders have opened up so families can be reunited.

Therefore, please send any information of this nature to: [email protected].

Noteworthy Achievements

Sometimes we have time during the Assembly to announce significant milestones in the lives of our guests eg. the number of years married or other outstanding achievements. We cannot guarantee that we can announce all of these on Assembly but if you would like to send through any details of this nature please send them to [email protected].

Grandparents Across Different Year Levels

If you have Grandchildren in different year levels, you can all be together for morning tea. For the classroom visits, simply divide your time between the different locations.

Wet Weather Plan 

If for any reason inclement weather is going to impact any part of our Grandparents and Special Friends' Day, we will notify all parents directly.

Information for New Families **IMPORTANT**

Book Donations

A traditional feature of the day has been for the Grandparents or Special Friends of families new to the College to donate a book to our Junior Learning Centre (JLC Library). There is no obligation for anyone to do this but if your family does decide to participate please do the following two things: 

  • Download the "Book Donation Insert" from this page, fill it out and glue it on the inside cover of the book.
  • Deliver the book to the book donation buckets located in the Preparatory Class foyer or at Student Services before the actual day.

Cafe 97 & Kiosk Services

Café 97 Before the event

To cater for such a large and happy group of people, Café 97 will open up for morning beverages and snacks from 7.30am onwards. These can be accessed from two locations - the normal Coffee Shop Barista section and the express which will be adjacent to the Coffee Shop. 

Morning Tea Extravaganza

For the community morning tea, the Coffee Shop Barista section, the express window and the Food Court section will all be open. Please enjoy the beautiful, top-quality food for which our Café 97 staff are renowned. 

Kindergarten Information

Attending the Assembly

All Kindergarten children will attend the GPSF Assembly with their Teachers. 

After the Assembly, we would prefer that our Kindergarten children have their morning tea in the Kindergarten area itself, so if you have a Kindergartner as a grandchild when you arrive in the morning, please set up your morning tea picnic station over in the Kindergarten itself. 

Any students who have younger siblings in Kindergarten will have morning tea with them and their Grandparents in the Kindergarten area.

Visiting Kindergarten

If any Grandparents or Special Friends would like to visit Kindergarten to spend some time observing this beautiful program after the Assembly, they are most welcome to do so!