Fri, July 17, 2020
Today’s Assembly was quite a significant event for the Sheldon College community and our Junior, Middle and Senior students were very enthusiastic about how heart-warming it was for us all to be united again, after some of the COVID 19 restrictions have been lifted.

The atmosphere in the Sheldon Event Centre Stadium was electric as all in attendance proudly sang the National Anthem at the beginning of the Assembly and the Sheldon College song at the end, in unison.

The Assembly included addresses from our College Captains and Principal, an exciting Instrumental Music Awards ceremony, performances by Symphonic Winds, the Percussion Ensemble and a comical performing arts piece titled “Homeschool the Musical” performed by our Theatre Sports students.

Mr. Rick Samuels, Director of Community Engagement commented “Today’s Assembly is best summed up by two of our Year 3 students: We’re all together, we know what’s going on, and the air is filled with joy!”

This reintroduction of Assembly is an essential element of our College culture that allows us to celebrate as a whole community, and it will go a long way to re-establishing a sense of normality for the students.

Mr. Rick Samuels added “Sometimes we don’t fully appreciate something until we don’t have it anymore. In some ways this is true of our weekly College Assemblies. In the recent uncertain times we have felt disconnected by circumstances which have left us feeling uncertain and unsure. It’s felt like a gaping hole in our weekly lives because it is our one forum for whole community celebration. The return of assemblies has instilled a sense of reconnection and reassurance and given us a renewed purpose, based around celebrating all the things we do well.”