Mon, September 2, 2019

On Friday 30 August, Sheldon College students acknowledged the vital role that their Dads play in their lives and their education by hosting a full College assembly for them to attend. Students in Preparatory and Kindergarten also invited their Dads to a very special Father’s Day Breakfast beforehand.

The purpose of the assembly and the breakfast was to thank all of the Dads for their spirit of self-sacrifice in supporting the development of our Sheldon College students. We congratulated them for being gentle whilst also being strong and for not taking themselves too seriously.

Director of Community Engagement, Mr Rick Samuels, started the assembly off with a warming message – “Dads are like pirates. They are mischievous, they work hard for what they believe to be treasure and we associate them with treasure because they are our treasures.”

In addition to Mr Rick Samuels’ message, Year 8 student, Conor McCreath, took the time to publicly show his appreciation for his dad.  “I love you Dad for all of the things that you do for me every single day,” Conor stated at the conclusion of his touching speech which focused on the many great qualities of his father.

During the Father’s Day breakfast, held in the spacious Kindergarten playground, students from both Preparatory and Kindergarten had the opportunity to shower their dads with love in the way of cuddles, kisses and gifts they created in lessons.

At Sheldon College, we are extremely appreciative of the wonderful Fathers that bless our lives, and Friday’s assembly proved to be the perfect place for many students to publicly thank their Dads.