Tue, March 6, 2018

Sheldon College’s Preparatory Fairytale Ball attracted colourful costumes and creative make-up to transform children and adults alike into their favourite fairytale characters.  The annual event was enjoyed by more than 300 attendees and was held on Saturday morning at the Sheldon Event Centre.

Enthusiastic students, parents and teachers transformed into popular fairytale personalities for this very special day, including Peter Pan, Snow White, Robin Hood and Cinderella.

Parents eagerly watched as delighted children went on a Fantasy Flight and participated in a variety of wondrous experiences, from the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party to a special Year Level performance.  The day’s entertainment was topped off with a puppet show presented by David Hamilton, a music filled performance with much laughter.

The Fairytale Ball was the culmination of many weeks of preparation by the children, which included a magical journey into the world of fairytales, dramatic role play experiences with the Butterfly King, and the creation of colourful art displays.

The Fairytale Ball is such a special event for the Preparatory students of Sheldon College and is an experience they will remember fondly for many years to come.