Sheldon College Educators collaborate with Monash University to inspire educators around the globe

Throughout 2020, guided by Professor Marilyn Fleer from Monash University's Playlab, Mrs Kristy Edwards and Ms Tiana Gillman implemented the Conceptual PlayWorld pedagogy into the Daisy Allsort's room at Wonderland. The  Conceptual PlayWorld  is an evidence-based model of intentional teaching that values children's play and stories in their learning of STEM concepts. A Conceptual Playworld takes place in an...
Thu, April 1, 2021

Magic on show at annual Fairytale Ball

Fairytales were brought to life by Preparatory students in the Sheldon Event Centre on Saturday. Uniforms were abandoned for dazzling and imaginative outfits at the annual Fairytale Ball. Costumes ran the gamut from Tinker Bell to the Big Bad Wolf, with the fun not being limited to students, as parents, teachers and...
Mon, March 22, 2021

Year 12 Students come full circle

A joy of our College being one that spans childhood from infancy to near adulthood is that our young students have an opportunity to engage day to day with our older students. This Term, Sheldon College Prefects have happily spent many mornings before College and countless breaktimes engaging with their...
Fri, March 19, 2021

Building community connections: Seaton Place visit

For years, Sheldon College has cherished wonderful relationships with the residents of several local aged care facilities, including Seaton Place in Cleveland. We greatly value the opportunity to encourage intergenerational learning, connection and friendship. Rather than cancelling our annual visit due to COVID-19 restrictions, this year Seaton Place residents were...
Thu, March 18, 2021

A Visit from Professor Jellybean

Towards the end of Term 4, students in Prep participated in an educational, yet fun-filled workshop with Science Guru – Professor Jellybean. This incursion proved to be a wonderful way to help students unwind and wrap up the past twelve months of Prep in an enjoyable manner. Each of the...
Fri, December 11, 2020

​Congratulations to the Kindergarten Class of 2020.

Congratulations to the Kindergarten Class of 2020. All of the beautiful students graduated with the skills, knowledge and dispositions ready to enter Preparatory next year with confidence and enthusiasm.  The College has put copious amounts of time and energy into preparing these Kindergarten children for the start of their futures...
Tue, November 17, 2020

An Out of This World Space Incursion

Yesterday, students from Wonderland’s Daisy Allsorts class participated in an engaging Incursion in the Learning Galaxy within the ArtScapes Precinct. The purpose of this fun-filled experience was to provide an exciting introduction into the upcoming space unit for the students. Additionally, due to the world class technological equipment available within...
Thu, October 8, 2020

Kindy Circus

Each year, students in Kindergarten treat their parents to a very special performance – the Kindy Circus. Emceed by Ring Master Luhrmann, this year’s show featured many talented performers, whose superior skillsets dazzled the audience. There were Crazy Clowns, Elegant Elephants, Delightful Dancers, Talented Tightrope walkers, Agile Acrobats, Courageous Cowboys...
Wed, September 16, 2020
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