Fri, July 24, 2020

Sheldon College Year One students proved they are certainly 100 times smarter by proudly modelling their hand-made capes, created especially for the celebrations. 

At the end of Term 2 each creative student brought home a plastic ‘cape’ and individually decorated it with 100 examples of an item of their choice (e.g. 100 stickers, 100 bows, 100 pom poms)This was a great way for our Junior College students to celebrate the various mathematical concepts that can be taught using the number 100. 

From the very first day of school, classes begin keeping track of the number of days they've been learning in anticipation of the 100th day. It's this anticipation that is actually the first Maths lesson and is part of our number focus in Maths, as the days are often marked by popsicle sticks, ten of which become a "ten bundle," paving the way to counting by tens and ones.  

Miss Kaitlin Emerson, Year 1 Teacher commented Our 100 Days of Year One celebration was an absolutely magical morning for our Year One students, filled with endless giggles, smiles and ‘100’ themed activities.In particular, the '100 Days Smarter' crowns were an outstanding favourite, beautifully complementing the 100 themed capes the children worked so hard to create.As teachers,our hearts were full as we watched our children celebrate the first 100 days of their learning journey in the Junior College and the truly magnificent milestones that have happened along the way. It was a morning that certainly exemplified the interconnected nature of our Philosophy of Love, Laughter and Learning and will remain in the memories of both the children and the teachers for many years to come.”