Tue, March 27, 2018

In March, the Redland Women in Business held their second Resilience In Business Forum at the Sheldon College Event Centre in the Horizons Room. The Redland City Chamber of Commerce identified a need for a dedicated series of workshops designed specifically for the business women in Redlands to meet and network. The Redland Women in Business network creates opportunities for women to reap the rewards of sustainable, profitable and strong business in the Redlands.

The Resilience in Business event was the second in a series of workshops to be held at the Sheldon Event Centre. The workshop was presented by Sheldon College Founder and Principal/CEO Dr Lyn Bishop on a range of topics.

Participants benefitted from sharing their experiences and engaging in an interactive workshop centred around resilience and building core skills and technical expertise. The workshop was delivered in a picturesque setting on the Sheldon College campus with first-class catering enjoyed by participants.

Nicole Wilson, Director of BeMore.Global said, “We will be attending all four workshops and we have found the networking opportunities here to be great.  There are so many astute, intelligent, amazing people in the Redlands.  The content of today’s workshop is something I really believe in. I believe that core skills wrap around an individual’s technical expertise and Dr Bishop is a master in this area.” 

The Sheldon Event Centre is available for hire. Visit sheldoneventcentre.com or phone (07) 3206 5573 for more information.