Fri, September 7, 2018

Sheldon College students engaged in acts of kindness this week as part of a #ICANIWILLbetheexample Competition for an opportunity to star alongside former teacher and Olympian boxer Jeff Horn.

Students were taught about skills for building resilience and learnt anti-bullying techniques from the WBO Welterweight Title Boxer when participating in the Episode filmed in front of hundreds of students and their family members at a College Assembly on Friday 7 September.

The ICANIWILL 20-minute Episode featured an entertaining game to capture the students’ attention before a more in-depth interview was held with Jeff Horn to promote independence with respect to youth suicide prevention.

The audience was treated to powerful emotive messages as well as an account of Jeff Horn’s personal story, experiences and advice about inclusion and anti-bullying.

“I remember going home upset after being called names at school. It’s important to have people you can talk to and release frustrations. I have learnt to ignore negativity and all of these moments in life, even at school, as they teach you how to build resilience.” said Jeff Horn.

The well-renowned Australian boxer held the WBO Welterweight Title from 2017 to 2018 and represented Australia at the 2012 Olympics and was the celebrity chosen by ICANIWILL to be the figurehead of the event.  

The entertaining game featured a trivia match between the ICANIWILL CEO Conan Visser and Jeff Horn, with questions facilitated by Sheldon College Year 6 student, Luke Wills. The game of Truth or Dunk incorporated mystery substances being dunked over the renowned boxer and ICANIWILL CEO when either chose not to answer one of the questions posed. The students were delighted to join in the fun and to see the guests covered in flour, feathers, gravy and more!   

Sheldon College was also delighted to welcome ICANIWILL CEO Conan Visser back to the Assembly being an alumnus of the College.

Sheldon College CEO and Principal Dr Bishop said the film will deliver a powerful message to capture our youth’s attention surrounding such a poignant social issue.

“The College ensures our students receive strong personal development opportunities throughout their education which are character-building to ensure they reach their full potential in adulthood,” she said.

“This event will reinforce positive behaviours on behalf of all students and put social issues into the spotlight, thereby encouraging students to consider how they interact with their classmates and how such small acts of kindness can make a difference in their lives.

The #ICANIWILLbetheexample school-based competition encourages students to help another child, stand up for or befriend someone else, or talk to someone they know who is going through a tough time. Students will share these stories on social media with #ICANIWILLbetheexample and tagging @ICANIWILLaustralia.

The competition aims to engage students in creating acts of kindness in the playground and through sharing their stories first-hand.

The Episode will be distributed online and to schools throughout Australia to promote inclusion and will feature the winning student from the social media campaign starring alongside Jeff Horn.

The campaign also highlights the link between negative social media comments on posts and the rise in youth suicide rates. ICANIWILL Australia targets adult's behaviour online and works to create a cultural shift in bullying behaviours in schools by incentivising students.

Suicide in Australia is now the most common cause of death in children and adolescents.

The project, with an online focus, is valued throughout the community with more than 7.6 million views (July 2018) for the impact it has had on our youth and has brought attention to the detrimental consequences of bullying throughout Australia.     

The competition coincides with the Sheldon College Fathers’ Camp Out on 8 September at the College which will create a kaleidoscope of tents.  A significant number of fathers and their children who attended the Father’s Day Themed-Assembly will then camp out on the College oval to highlight the important role fathers and other good men play in their lives.

Sheldon College educates around 1500 students from 15 months through to Year 12 in the non-denominational co-educational College set on 56 acres.

For more information, visit: and @ICANIWILLaustralia