Fri, February 15, 2019

The following article was featured in the recently launched on 15 February 2019. To read it in full click here Author: Paula Shearer  


So as Quest Community News announces our arrival on the Redlands Coast, we think it’s a good opportunity to say thanks to some of the people who have helped shaped the city.

In today’s instalment of the Redlands Coast Power 30 list we look at the people leading the way in arts and entertainment.

As director of the Australian School of the Arts (ASTA), based at Sheldon College, Mr Harvey has been responsible for mentoring and kickstarting the artistic careers of hundreds of Redlands Coast students.

Launched under Mr Harvey’s direction 14 years ago, ASTA has now seen more than 1000 students grace its stages.

The program caters for all facets of arts education including performance music, fine art, drama, dance, voice, film, television and new media, musical theatre and fashion and costume design.

Talented students from Years 9 to 12 are invited to audition for the Arts Excellence program, which offers extensive onsite and industry training and has set national benchmarks in arts education.

Throughout his 21 years of service to the college, Mr Harvey has created numerous programs for children from Prep through to Year 12.

In 2007 he undertook a six-week tour of arts schools and universities across America and Canada, to analyse how they were able to provide the best arts-related experiences for students.

“I always want to remind students that the sky is the limit, by instilling in them my passion for life and the arts,” he said.

“Most children aren’t aware of their potential until they explore it in an art space, whether it be through drama, dance, visual art, film and TV studies, performance music or singing.”

During his leadership of ASTA, Mr Harvey has directly mentored numerous young people who have gone on to forge incredibly successful arts careers.

Former students have worked on Hollywood productions including Thor, Aquaman and Alien; will appear in the current production of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child in Melbourne; performed in Priscilla Queen of the Desert for the Norwegian Cruise Line; gained entry to prestigious overseas institutions such as the Berklee College of Music; have been featured in television commercials for big-name clients such as Woolworths; acted in successful touring LaBoite productions and, are part of an award-winning visual effects and post-production company with offices in Los Angeles.