Fri, October 18, 2019

The Australian School of the Arts has done it again with another outstanding Arts Academy Awards.

The 2019 Arts Academy Awards, held on Saturday 21 September, was the College’s 15th award ceremony of this kind. Held in the beautifully decorated Sheldon Event Centre, and open to 800 spectators, the event is designed to showcase and highlight many of the College’s outstanding Arts students in the areas of Film, Television and New Media, Fine Arts, Costume and Fashion Design and Combined Performing Arts.

All the attendees and award nominees dressed to impress in stunning gowns and handsome suits, displaying them on the red carpet for all to see before sitting down to enjoy a delicious three course meal.

The show was populated with a variety of show-stopping performance items, with the student rendition of the ‘Greatest Show’ being a popular crowd favourite. The depth of talent and enthusiasm displayed by many of the students throughout the evening would hold up against many seasoned professionals. 

The Award winners for the following categories were:

Technical Producer of the Year
Grace Newlands

Director of the Year
Clara MacGregor

2D Multi-Media Artist of the Year
Jessica Childs

Interdisciplinary Media Artist
Maya Peters

Classical Instrumentalist of the Year
Richard Bahrett for Violin

Contemporary Instrumentalist of the Year
Jenna Rainbird for Percussion

Dancer of the Year
April Beak

Female Vocalist of the Year
Ellen Warner

Male Vocalist of the Year
Exodus Lale

Actor of the Year
Jean-Luc Fuller

Actress of the Year
Kyla Johnson

Gold Award
Kyla Johnson

ASTA Award for Excellence
Ella Monteret

Best Emerging Artist of the Year
Angelina Bourke for Musical Theatre

Middle College Cultural Award
Jacob Telford

Senior College Cultural Award
Jenna Rainbird