Fri, April 24, 2020

Despite the current Pandemic and the constraints that have followed, Sheldon College is still committed to honouring the Anzac Spirit in 2020. 

Today, the College hosted a small, but respectful ANZAC ceremony in the open-air of the courtyard. Attended by the College Captains, the event’s official emcees, the bugler, vocal soloist and a few supervising staff, the service was live streamed into the classrooms, offices and homes of staff, students and families. Under the direction of Mr Murray James, filming and live stream production was undertaken by ASTA Professionals Film and Media Trainees who did a wonderful job of bringing ANZAC Day into the classroom and homes of our Sheldon community. 

This ANZAC ceremony followed traditional protocols as it included a brief historical account of the origins of ANZAC Day, the Last Post, One-minute Silence, Reveille and a vote of thanks and conclusion. Sheldon College Performance Manager and instigator of the Music for Mateship ANZAC Day initiative, Mr Alastair Tomkins played a moving rendition of the Last Post and Reveille. 

The Australian National Anthem was performed solemnly by Classical Tenor and 2005 Graduate, Iain Henderson, currently back home from London due to COVID-19. The Symphonic Winds also performed a previously recorded, beautiful rendition of “Abide With Me.” 

Pictorial tributes of Sheldon College Family members were encapsulated in a beautiful presentation displayed behind the emcees during the event. As students and families watched the live stream, they were able to see the ‘Walls of Remembrance’ acknowledging the sacrifices made by past and present members of Sheldon College Families. 

All staff and students on campus received their own poppy to wear when viewing the ceremony from their individual classrooms. Sheldon College is committed to reducing the spread of COVID-19, whilst at the same time, taking time out to commemorate the heroics of our ANZAC’s.

Lest we forget.

A preview of today's live assembly is included below.