Fri, August 30, 2019

At midday on Thursday 29 August, Sheldon College launched the CommCube, an initiative started by two 2018 College graduates, Dayna Wilson and Anna Sideris during their time as students. 

During their studies, Dayna and Anna learned of the heartbreaking statistics surrounding women affected by domestic violence and together, with the help of their Technology Design Class, they decided to make a change.

“Anna and I both felt that it was extremely important to do something practical for domestic violence victims – hence our goal of creating a unit of safe temporary accommodation for them,” stated Dayna Wilson. 

“We are so happy to see this project come to fruition, and it is very rewarding to know that people will have somewhere to go, had they need to get out of an abusive situation.”

The CommCube was once a shipping container that has since been transformed into a safe and homely temporary shelter for victims suffering from domestic violence.

Many key members and organisations within the Redlands community have willingly supported this initiative by donating an array of goods and services to help with the completion of this charitable endeavour.

 Some of these businesses have included;

·    The Finnegan family - donation of shipping container
·     Springers Solar, Capalaba
·     The Good Guys, Capalaba
·     5 Star Timbers - structural timber for container
·     Bunnings, Victoria Point
·     OMF, Capalaba 
·     BarterCard
·     Redland City Council 

After thoughtful consideration, Sheldon College decided to donate the CommCube to Maybanke. Maybanke is a local, Redlands-based, charitable organisation with the sole mission of supporting those who need it most.

Sheldon College is extremely thankful for those who contributed goods and services to enable Anna and Dayna’s vision to be realised. We look forward to the opportunities and support it will provide people when put to use. 

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