Fri, March 27, 2020

Over recent weeks, the College has been extremely blessed with an abundance of support from many students and their families. 

Not only is the current pandemic creating new challenges for the College community, but also for people all around the globe. Observing our educators rewarded for their hard work and sacrifices makes every day a little bit easier. 

Sheldon College would like to extend an enormous thank you to all of the families at the College for their ongoing support, as we, along with the rest of the nation, work to overcome the many issues that we are all facing. An additional message of thanks also goes to those who in times of darkness have tried to lighten the days of our educators with cupcakes, flowers and many heartfelt messages. 

Contrary to what many believe, educators play a vital role in the combat of COVID-19. They continue to leave their own families during this crisis to provide education and supervision for children whose parents are classified as essential workers. Sheldon College is extremely grateful for the many wonderful and dedicated educators who continue to give 100% to students regardless of the surrounding circumstances.