Thu, August 22, 2019
Congratulations to Year 8 Sheldon College student, Lily Wigan, who recently won the Middle School Category of the ScienceXArt – ‘The Elements in Everyday Life’ Competition.

The ScienceXArt competition was hosted by the Australian Academy of Science, aimed at reaching students Australia-wide. This competition proved to be a wonderful opportunity for students of all year levels to engage in hands-on experiences with the periodic table; to develop a deeper understanding of the key principles of Chemistry; and to foster an appreciation of the wider impact of chemical sciences throughout life and society. All competition entries were judged on creativity, scientific merit and demonstration of impact through image and description.

Lily’s prize for winning her category is a VIP Behind-the-Science Tour in Canberra for herself and a guardian later this month.

Mr Jakob Roth, Academic Staff – Faculty of Mathematics and Lily’s Science teacher, encouraged all Year 8 students to create an entry for the competition. Some students, including Lily, even submitted theirs for judging.

“Lily was very engaged with learning about the Periodic Table in the Year 8 Chemistry unit in Term 2, so when the ScienceXArt Competition was introduced to students, Lily was very enthusiastic about entering after hearing about the amazing prizes on offer,” stated Mr Jakob Roth.

“Lily is a budding scientist, so this Behind-the-Science Tour will be a wonderful experience for her.”

Congratulations, Lily, on this wonderful achievement.