Wed, May 29, 2019

Sheldon College continues on its plight to be more sustainable, thanks to the Sustainability Pitches made by last year’s Year 4 students, with the second phase of the solar panel installation which is set to take place in late June this year.

The largest of the solar panel installation phases, phase one, took place in December 2018. Solar Panels were installed across Cafe97 (67KW system), Performing Arts Block (80KW system) and Wonderland, the College’s Early Learning Facility (135KW system).

 In June phase two is set to commence, starting with the remaining sides of Wonderland (33KW system), the Administration building (100KW system) the Maintenance building (33KW system) along with stage one of the LINQ Precinct (67KW system).

All solar panels have been and will be installed across the Northern, Eastern and Western sides of these buildings to ensure that they have a greater level of efficiency from sunrise, right through until sunset.

Already Sheldon College, set across 56 acres, is saving up to 20% of its electricity as a result of the Solar Panels previously installed. College electrician, Mr Kim Little is looking forward to seeing this figure rise even further following the installation of Phase 2.

“At Sheldon we are working towards reducing our carbon footprint as much as possible. In an ideal world we would love for the College to be completely self-sufficient in terms of electricity in the future.”

“Not only are we wanting to reduce our stamp on the world, but we are also wanting to reduce our electricity costs so that this money can be better spent on the children, the resources and the facilities.” Stated Mr Little.

To further support the outcomes of the Solar Panels, Mr Kim Little, has also began the College’s LED upgrade. This consists of replacing old fluorescent light tubes as the filaments break with new LED light fixtures, designed to further enhance electricity saving right across the campus. So far, the College has successfully been able to recycle half a ton of fluorescent light tubes, whereby it has been recognised by Ecocycle for this achievement.

The 2018 Year 4 students will remain updated on the continual progress of the College as it endeavours to continue being a more sustainable school.