Wed, November 27, 2019

At the Senior Leader Induction Ceremony, held in the Sheldon Event Centre on Monday 25 November, the 2020 School Captains, Prefects and House Leaders were inducted. This event is an annual highlight in the College calendar and this year’s ceremony proved to once again be a special one for the hundreds of students, families and staff in attendance. 

All of the Senior Leader announcements were met with much jubilation from the audience. The occasion provided Founder and Principal/CEO, Dr Lyn Bishop OAM, the opportunity to examine the topic of leadership and the important role that the Senior students play in maturing the culture of Sheldon College as it approaches its 23rd year of operation. 

“Your greatest strengths as a leader are those qualities that are unique to you. Find them and use them to serve, to give and to achieve together,” stated Dr Bishop OAM in her address to the soon-to-be Year 12 students of the College. 

“The whole purpose of leadership is to serve. True leadership isn’t about what you achieve, but what you give.” 

As the Year 12 Head of Year for 2020, Mr Matthew Gammie had the privilege of introducing the newly appointed College Captains. When introducing both Sigrid Mather and Jamie Jack, Mr Gammie was clear in saying that they were two extremely worthy Captains for Sheldon College.

(2020 College Captains Jamie Jack and Sigrid Mather) 

“Sigrid’s true passion is in helping others,” stated Mr Gammie when introducing Sigrid in her new role as the female College Captain for 2020. 

“She embodies the College’s culture and promotes the student voice within our school community.” 

“Jamie has truly grown into a strong leader this year. His level-headed thinking and measured approach throughout make him an ideal representative of Sheldon College,” Mr Gammie added when introducing Jamie Jack as the 2020 male College Captain. 

The Senior Leaders for 2020 are as follows: 

Sigrid Mather
Jamie Jack 

Georgia Lane
Benjamin McCloskey 

Madison Bennett
Angelina Bourke
Miguel Costa Teixeira
Benjamin Dixon
Ian Eilander
Kaitlyn Evans
Isabella Harris
Mikayla Hoekwater
Leahrose Hooper
Jamie Jack
Georgia Lane
Sigrid Mather
Benjamin McCloskey
Sarah Millar
Emily Monk
Ella Monteret
Callum Moore
Lauren Nichols
Imogen Parker
Ella Rhodes
Lara Wilson
Charlie Woelders 

House Leaders:
Integra: Kye Bailey, Georgia Harris, Georgia Hunt, Clare Monk, Lucy Schooth, Timothy Vernon 
Qualitas: Lauren Butler, Cooper Jones, Olivia van Gool, Amelia McDonald, Jared Smith and Liam Smith
Spiro: Brodie Blaser, Rebecca Carmichael, Tairo Holden, Bailey Meares, Kalliyan Seremet, Sophie Smith 
Valeo: Oscar Cornelius, Grace Hamilton, Jasmin Lane, Zephyr Marlin, Riley Niven, Zunairah Sinha 

The College is confident that the new Captains will do a wonderful job of leading those around them.