Sat, March 2, 2019
If the resounding cheers and standing ovations were anything to go by, the announcement of the Sheldon College Captains and Vice-Captains for 2019 was clearly a popular one.
The College community warmly welcomed the newly appointed Vice-Captains – Rachel Howse and Bence Major followed by a resounding cheer at the announcement of this year’s College Captains – Taige Hooper and Zoe Moran. Both Captains delivered an emotional and impassioned speech to the gathered assembly in which they encouraged their cohort to make their final year one worth remembering.  Zoe and Taige also took the opportunity to encourage the entire school to strive for excellence.
Pictured (left to right) Vice-Captains – Bence Major and Rachel Howse, Principal Dr Lyn Bishop OAM, Chair of the Sheldon College Board of Directors - Mr Chris Wigan, and College Captains – Zoe Moran and Taige Hooper.
Principal and CEO, Dr Lyn Bishop OAM, in congratulating the students, reminded them that leadership is first and foremost about influence and inspiration, and that both these come from the person, not the position. She further reminded them that true leaders don’t need a title, nor do they need to wear a badge to lead. The whole purpose of leadership is to serve, and that true leadership isn’t about what you achieve, but what you give.