Sheldon College will consider enrolment applications from students wishing to apply for a Student Visa, subject to compliance with minimum requirements and conditions set by the College, and with legislative requirements of the State of Queensland and the Commonwealth of Australia, including any requirements to undertake extra tuition to learn English to meet the English language proficiency standard needed to enter mainstream classes.

Applications for enrolment must be made on the approved Application Form, correctly completed, and must be accompanied by the following documents supporting the application:

  • copies of the students' most recent academic records (in English);
  • a copy of applicant’s Passport;
  • written evidence of proficiency in English as a second language;
  • an application fee of $AUD200.00.

Where the above documents are not in English, certified translations in English are required, with necessary costs to be met by the applicant.

An application for enrolment can only be processed when all of the above are in the hands of the Enrolments Officer.

Applications from overseas students are processed according to established policy and procedures and are dealt with on their merits.

Assessment procedures include an evaluation of reports from previous schools and of English language proficiency. In cases where report cards are not available or are inconclusive for any reason, the College may require relevant testing of the applicant to assess the application.

Minimum academic and English language requirements are as follows:

Academic Requirements

Students must provide evidence of satisfactory academic performance appropriate to entry to the Year level requested on the Application for Enrolment or offered as an alternative point of entry by the College in a Letter of Offer.

a)  For Primary School: 

         i) Evidence of application to school work and age-appropriate achievement in literacy and numeracy areas of the curriculum

b)  For Year 7 – 12 students:

         i) A pass level or “C” grade or better for the majority of core subjects

English Language Proficiency Requirements

  1. Sheldon College requires evidence of sufficient proficiency in English to successfully meet the curriculum demands of the enrolled course. This is a requirement under the National Code of Practice for Providers of Education and Training to Overseas Students 2018, Standard 2.

  2. If applicable, the College can assess evidence of English language proficiency presented by a student at the time of application.

  3. Students should note that if their language proficiency is below that outlined above, they may be required to undertake an intensive English language course before beginning mainstream studies.

Students wishing to enter the College below Year 10 level are assessed individually based on the contents of their report cards and personal references, and may also be required to undertake a language proficiency test set by the College.