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Ms Kathy Tsai - Participant, Supporter, Parent, Local Business Owner

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Mrs Paula Guino - Participant's Spouse


Just a personal note to say that I am overwhelmed with gratitude for the International Connect program starting this year. 

I am thankful to Sheldon College for realising the need to extend their expertise and open their doors to international Sheldon families. Paulo feels highly motivated and empowered to improve his English Language skills since joining… and we all know that is quite challenging in our mature years. But more than that… I feel that the mental health impact of such inclusion for people who naturally feel isolated due to lack of conversational skills is beyond words. I feel very emotional about this so please extend my gratitude to the whole team.

Best regards,

Paula Guino

(Paulo's wife)

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Mrs Catherine Heiner - Connect Community Conversation Volunteer

Being newly retired, I thought joining the Connect group was a way of giving back to Sheldon College whilst helping the participants to practise their English in a relaxed setting. What I didn’t anticipate was the idea that I would get so much out of the interaction myself. I was welcomed into the group and have made long-lasting friendships with participants.

We have so much fun together and share lots of laughter (especially on the scavenger hunt around the shopping centre). I have witnessed such remarkable growth in the confidence and improvement in the students’ spoken English in a short period of time. I’ve also learnt so much myself about different countries and cultures from talking to people from around the world and, most importantly, I’ve gathered lots of new recipes to try at home!

I look forward to Thursday mornings so much, and it is the highlight of my week.