Recognising and celebrating

the achievements of our Alumni

2021 Young Alumnus of the Year Award Winner

Congratulations to our 2021 Young Alumnus of the Year, Bonnie Ross. This year we again received nominations to recognise a range of Sheldon College Alumni, and we thank our community for their engagement and time with their nominations. 

Nominations were received from a range of external members of the community who work closely with our Sheldon College Alumni, as well as from parents, friends and staff of past students. 

Chair of the Alumni Advisory Board, past Sheldon College student and Academic Staff member, Ms Lauren Cossettini, had the pleasure of presenting the award at the 2021 Senior College Celebration of Excellence Ceremony to the very worthy winner, Ms Bonnie Ross.

We were delighted to present Bonnie with her award at Celebration of Excellence on Monday evening, to acknowledge the incredible way in which she has taken the values of Sheldon College and transformed and used these in the creation of her flourishing Dance education environment.

It is clear that Bonnie’s ability to lead and take risks in her field against the challenging circumstances of the last few years highlights her self-directed and creative capacity to ensure excellence in teaching and learning for a new generation of young dancers. It is apparent from speaking with some of her Dance families, that Bonnie strives for continuous improvement, a safe, orderly and supported learning environment all whilst fostering collaborative home-community partnerships – all values we hold near and dear at Sheldon College.

Bonnie’s service to the greater community, and demonstrated capacity for creative thinking, innovation and strong Sheldon College values in the broader community makes her a worth recipient of our 2021 Young Alumnus of the Year Award

2020 Young Alumnus of the Year Award Winner

Throughout the unprecedented and challenging times this year due to COVID-19, Alicia demonstrated selfless acts of kindness and her caring nature through her chosen profession, by voluntarily travelling to Melbourne to assist with the COVID-19 testing in commission buildings, pop-up respiratory and drive-through testing clinics. She spent all of July 2020 testing patients whilst wearing full protective gear for up to 10 hours a day. Upon returning to Queensland she then again, offered her services for another month to the Fever Clinic in operation at the Sunshine Coast University Hospital, once again selflessly putting the health and safety of others ahead of her own welfare.  

Alicia’s valiant service to the greater community during a very uncertain time this year is worthy of recognition enough. Beyond this, she has worked hard to continuously grow and learn in her chosen field and has demonstrated integrity and the ‘Sheldon spirit’ in her actions and endeavours post school. She currently works in both the nursing pool and on a contract on the respiratory ward - where she manages both complex respiratory patients and COVID-19 pending patients.

Alicia said “I am extremely humbled and honoured to win the 2020 Sheldon College Young Alumnus of the Year Award. It is not often that people from the Nursing profession are acknowledged and I am very proud of this achievement and for receiving the recognition. It’s great to be back on campus.”

Alicia herself believes that it was the guidance and support of her teachers at Sheldon College, that helped her uncover her love of learning and calling as a Nurse. “My education journey commenced at Sheldon College and it instilled a lifelong love of learning in me. I plan to continue my studies further by completing my Masters in Nursing and commencing a role in the Australian Defence Forces. I feel my time at the College has influenced this decision, as it’s the structure, sense of belonging, culture and community aspects that appeal most to me about pursuing my career within the Defence Forces.”

“I am so passionate about my career and educating and helping those in need. I take great pride in knowing that everyday someone is placing their life and trust in my hands and that I am able to make a contribution to their life in even the smallest way.”