Embracing new ideas in

innovation and entrepreneurial literacy

In addition to the College’s larger co-curricular programs, students at Sheldon College are also able to participate in a wide range of Technology based competitions and programs as part of the opportunities offered within the LINQ Precinct.


Robotics promotes students’ curiosity while developing their skills in engineering, technology and coding. As part of this program, students design and build robotic solutions that will use motors, motion sensor, tilt sensor, and other robotic resources such as 'Arduinos' to build elements.

Students explore computational thinking processes while programming their robot to undertake these challenges. Designed for primary aged students, this program allows students to design and code robots that encounter obstacles, bridges, dance movements and other opportunities that will challenge the most fearless programmer.


Students at Sheldon College embrace new ideas in innovation and entrepreneurial literacy in order to thrive in an ever-changing economy and harness opportunities.  

Our Engineering and Innovation programs provide students with an opportunity to not only to expand their skills, but also apply them in a real world context. Engineering allows students to create hands-on, prototypes utilising the design thinking framework to solve real-world challenges. 

"These project-based programs expose students to a vast array of technological techniques that can be transferred across many curriculum areas."

Mrs Vanessa Noonan, Head of Digital Pedagogy and Innovation
Program Information

Program Information

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Pre-Competition Stream

Our Year 1 to 3 students engage in pre-competition robotics building their foundation skill set and also preparing them for future competitions and robotic opportunities at the College.

This program promotes independent learning through an inquiry-based approach where students are encouraged to collaborate and be creative in solving open-ended problems using 'We-Do' and 'EV3' robotics.

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Junior College Competition Stream

Students in Year 3 to 5 participate in 'RoboCup Junior', an annual robotics competition. Sheldon College participates in both 'RoboCup Dance' and 'RoboCup Rescue' categories competing against over 30 schools in Queensland.

This program provides students with experience in programming robots of their own creation. The aim of this course is to enable students to think logically about the algorithms required to solve specific problems in preparation for the competition.

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Middle and Senior College Competition Stream

RoboCup Soccer and Redlands Innovate Competition

Our Year 10 students are currently undertaking the 'RoboCup Soccer Challenge' and the team will compete at the State Competition at the University of Queensland in August.

Students from Year 5 to 8 will compete against other schools in the Redlands Innovate competition to build, program and compete with a robot, while also learning about a modern problem in science and engineering and developing solutions for it.

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Year 4 and 5 Kidpreneur Challenge

Year 4 to 6 Students participate in the 'Kidpreneur Challenge', Australia's biggest entrepreneur education program. 

Students explore the different views of environmental conservations within the context of local issues to develop an appreciation of sustainable practices and the importance of small contributions to make a difference. Student design, prototype and construct their own sustainable product from recyclable materials. Their entrepreneurial skills are further developed by selling their product at the Year 4 Market Stall to raise money for charity organisations.

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Year 5 to 8 Engineering Group

Students explore and develop their skills by learning how to create hands-on prototypes utilising the design thinking framework to solve real-world challenges. 

Solutions will incorporate electronics, drones, 3D printing, laser cutting and programming. We have seen students design 3D printed fingers that emulate artificial hands, sensorised colour sorters and other tinkered solutions.  What will you invent?

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LINQ Precinct

The fundamental approach to learning undertaken within the LINQ Precinct is based on encouraging students to undertake the critical interdisciplinary skills, which will enrich their ability to be successful entrepreneurs/designers in the future. Therefore, courses are based in authentic contexts and therefore allow students to explore industries of interest.