Throughout the LINQ Precinct, students are able to

expand their horizons beyond the curriculum

Many initiates involve industry, alumni and tertiary representatives working with our students and these authentic experiences challenge students to be creative, innovative and reflective.

By having a range of projects being delivered throughout the LINQ Precinct students can easily investigate, experiment and prototype in areas of their passion.

"Project initiatives have been designed to provide students with an opportunity not only to expand their skills but also to apply them in a real world context."

Mr Jarrod Pleass, Director of Teaching and Learning Secondary

Business Projects

University Projects
Business Projects
Mentoring Program
China Trip
Business Outreach Program

University Projects

QUT BlueShift Case Study Competition

BlueShift is a business case competition for high schools, hosted by the QUT Business School.

With support from the QUT Business School students and experienced business professionals, students apply theory learnt in class to a problem faced by real businesses. Past case studies have included The Courier Mail and Australia Post. Sheldon College has been a finalist each year.

QUT Faculty of Law Mooting

The mooting competition is where students are presented with a law case and must argue the evidence by making reference to other case law.

Essentially students are demonstrating advocacy skills in a court of appeal on areas of law including negligence, refugee applications, and property ownership.

QUT Start

QUT Start is offered by QUT to High-achieving Year 12 students to extend their studies in their final year of high school.

This is a great opportunity to get a head start on an undergraduate course. Once completed, students can receive credit for your studies accelerating the course.

QUT Ad Space

QUT's School of Advertising, Marketing and Public Relations with support from The Communications Council, the Asia Pacific Design Library’s Design Minds and ATOM offer high school students a unique opportunity to work as an advertising team and create a campaign for a real-life client who is active in the youth marketplace.

QUT Adspace is for students in Years 10 to 12 from schools across Brisbane and its surrounds. Students will be briefed by the client, work with university and industry mentors, and pitch to a panel of judges from the advertising world.

Griffith Business Outreach Program

This Program provides an opportunity for high-achieving Year 12 business students to experience University first-hand. Students are able to participate in a three-day intensive on-campus experience. As a result of completing the program, students are provided direct entry into a business course.

Business Projects

ASX Share Market Game

ASX Share Market Game is an integral component of the Senior Economics course hosted by the Faculty of Business. Students receive a virtual $50,000 that they can invest over a 10 week period, in 200 companies listed on the ASX. The prices students buy and sell at are the same prices as they would get in the live market so this is as close to real life share trading as you can get.

Office of Fair Trading Buy Smart Competition

Students research a consumer issue and present it to a target audience of their choice. They can be as creative as they want in how they present their issue. In the past, students have entered everything from board games to picture books and rap videos. Sheldon College has been a finalists for the past 5 years.

$20 Boss

The $20 Boss project provides Year 8 students with the opportunity to run their own small business and develop entrepreneurial competencies. All proceeds at the end of the experience are given to a charity of the students' choice.

Excellence in Entrepreneurship

A key to understanding the real world of operating a business, requires students to run their own business in a facilitated environment. As such, the venture program is an essential aspect of the development of the next generation of entrepreneurs. As a result of the program, many students have begun successfully operating their own business either whilst at school or beyond.

The skills:
  • Project Management
  • Financial analysis and management 
  • Marketing 
  • Team work and Leadership 
  • Understanding the consumer 
  • Reflection and Review 
  • Entrepreneurial Competencies 
  • Manufacturing and dealing with suppliers 
  • Problem Solving 
  • Developing an innovative and creative mind

Mentoring Program

The Faculty of Business prides itself on ensuring students have a link to the 'real world'. 

In order to achieve this, students are offered the opportunity to be monitored by a business leader. The program has seen great success, with both students and mentors alike valuing the opportunity, as well as creating a relationship for future endeavours.

Further opportunities have extended in providing students with internships.

China Trip

The trip is to provide exposure for students to experience business operations in the Australasian region. They will spend twelve days exploring four cities.

Students will experience how business operations adapt to a dynamic environment and ensure sustainability. International relations and trade is what the Australian nations wealth, prosperity and sustainability is built upon.

The trip will also provide the students with a competitive edge when entering a Business Degree at University and assist them in the corporate world. It also acts as a support to the programs we are offering within the faculty.

Business Outreach Program

Griffith University Business Outreach Program provides an opportunity for high-achieving Year 12 business students to experience University first-hand.

Students are able to participate in a three-day intensive on-campus experience. As a result of completing the program, students are provided direct entry into a business course.

Media Projects

Motion Capture Workshop
Arts Academy Awards
College Musical Productions

Motion Capture Workshop

Designed with animators in mind, this class will deliver the essential skills and provide a startup toolkit in order to hit the ground running with Motion Capture in a production environment.

Arts Academy Awards

Media students are involved in assisting the production of the annual Arts Academy Awards whereby they are responsible for all media production aspects which has included the use of timed animation to accompany performances, screen displays and live recording. 

Students involved are able to work side by side with industry experts.

College Musical Productions

A highlight of every year is the Sheldon College Musical. 

This industry standard production integrates all aspects of the Arts program including live production, live recording and the use of integrated technologies for staging and screen use.

Technology Projects

Collaborative Projects
Holiday Workshops
Co-Curricular Programs

Collaborative Projects

Interactive 3D Pet Makey Makey

The LINQ STEAM Inspired Makerspace, provides students with a tool kit of core STEAM based skills and many broader socially based skills, which will continue to be quantified as the students engage with future Faculties based within the LINQ Precinct.

Preparatory students designed and created animals made from a range of 3D shapes, plastered and wired up using Makey Makey and Scratch computer code. Visitors of this project were able to interact with the animals and when touched the animals played student created sounds. Our Preparatory students were extremely engaged in circuit development, interactive design and computer coding.

Year 2 Uno's Garden

Year 2 students engage in an inquiry based project, whereby students draw on curriculum from Science, Geography, Drama and Technology to create a magical night garden.

'Uno's Garden' is a sanctuary of futuristic creatures and their unique features that will aid them to survive in the distant future. To construct the futuristic creatures, students were challenged to use Make-Do screws, motors, sensors, LED Lights, Fans and other Little Bits electronics.

Year 3 Ozobots Galactic Travellers

Year 3 students explore the dynamic world of space by working in teams to code and simulate how planets rotate and revolve around the sun. Students collaborate in teams to code a physical representation of how the newly discovered planet rotates and revolves around the sun using iPads, Ozoblocky code and OzoBots.

Year 4 Living Museum

Year 4 students create and exhibited a unique interactive and Living Museum in the College’s new ArtScapes dedicated Mixed Reality and Digital Art Facility. Students created their exhibits by researching and taking on the roles of “Historians” and “Curators”.  Using the latest approaches to learning, students developed 3D artefacts, physical artworks, sound scapes, holograms and virtual experiences which mapped significant milestones in history.

Year 5 e-Plants

Working in the Makerspace, students conducted a range of plant experiments using electronics (LittleBits) to explore the optimal conditions for plant growth. This included using sensors and timers to play music to plants or make the plant move over a period of time.

This project was supported by the University of Queensland who were conducting similar experimental inquiries.

Year 7 Our Shining Light

The Year 7 Shining Light Project is an English, Science and Technology cross-curricular project launched as a student-driven, social business initiative. Year 7 students work in small business units, to design, construct and market a financially self-sustainable solar panel light.

Staff from the different Faculties are assigned various coaching roles and work alongside experts from the Scientists and Mathematicians in Schools (SMiS) national program, managed by CSIRO to deliver this program. At the completion of the unit, students promote and sell their uniquely designed products during a tradeshow.

Students Train Teachers in STEAM

A group of Year 4 to Year 11 Sheldon College students led the way by providing guided, practical workshops for more than sixty educators from various educational sectors. The workshops consisted of ‘students teaching the teachers’ with students sharing their skills in mixed reality, computational thinking and how emerging technologies such as 3D Printing and micro-computers can challenge real-world problems such as energy poverty. Workshop participants collaborated in round-table discussions and were guided through practical workshops to make informed decisions for Maker Spaces and STEAM initiatives in their Schools.  The educators left the workshop equipped with an array of skills and project-based ideas relevant to many curriculum areas.

Holiday Workshops

Sheldon College offers holiday workshops for external students who get the opportunity to experience and design, create and solve challenges using LittleBits, Drones and Ozobots.

Attendees become an inventor in the Sheldon College STEAM MakerSpace where they are challenged to:

  • Invent a bubble machine and create a remote controlled drawing bot
  • Program Drones and Ozobots to complete the day's challenge

Co-Curricular Programs

In addition to the College's larger co-curricular programs and opportunities, students at Sheldon College are also able to be a part of a wide range of Technology based competitions and programs.
Technology Programs include:

  • Years 1 to 2 We-Do Robotics
  • Years 3 to 4 RoboCup 
  • Years 5 to 6 Kidpreneur 
  • Years 5 to 8 Engineering 
  • Years 5 to 9 First Lego League