With state-of-the-art equipment and industry based projects, students are able to undertake an authentic learning experience in the area of Film, Television and New Media across Sheldon College.

"We provide an avenue into critiquing, analysing, creating and producing films, television shows and new media forms."

Mr Murray James, Director of ICT
Film, Television and New Media
ASTA Film and Television
Media Studies

Film, Television and New Media

21st Century Skills, Creativity via Production, Industry Equipment, Links to Further Study.

Film, Television and New Media (FTNM) for Years 11 and 12 students, provide the means by which we, as individuals within this society and culture, communicate. This context also reflects, creates and interprets ways of living and seeing. This subject provides an avenue into critiquing, analysing, creating and producing films, television shows and new media forms. 

Why Choose FTM?  Self Expression Through Moving Image.

For most of us, film, television and new media are our primary sources of information and entertainment.  However, they have become important channels for marketing, communication and increasingly online media. Moving-image media enables us to understand and express ourselves as Australian and global citizens, consumers, workers and imaginative beings.  The 'information' and 'creative' industries are already among the largest employers and drivers of the economy in many countries.  Their impact in our lives seems set to only increase, given that moving-image media will play an increasingly prominent part in our work and leisure.

Students develop skills to communicate through this highly creative digital art form. 

ASTA Film and Television

Designed for talented students who possess a passion for Film and Television and a vision for a career in the Media industry.

The Australian School of the Arts School of Film and Television (FTV) offers extensive training in a wide range of Media styles.  The course is designed for talented students who posses a passion for Film and Television and a vision for a career in the Media industry.  The course offers students the ability to gain a Nationally Recognised Certificate III in Screen and Media (CUA31015) within the senior program.  This is complemented through participation in regular master classes and workshops directed by industry-trained specialists at the cutting edge of their field. 

The ASTA FTV course caters for students who show the potential to pursue a career in the Film and Television Industry.  It is ideal for students who display natural talent and enhances this ability by providing a strong foundation in fundamental training and industry specific knowledge.

Media Studies

Media Studies is an Arts subject where the students learn about the foundations of film making and script writing while developing their ability to critique and analyse these elements.  
Years 7 and 8

Students learn and build on the basics of camera framing and angles, script writing, storyboarding and video editing. Projects include the use of HD cameras and working with the Premier Pro editing suite. Students also have the opportunity to work on a collaborative project using two of the five art forms to create a multi-art performance or piece.

Years 9 and 10

Students who elect to undertake Media Studies build on previous knowledge and skills to produce high quality video productions. The course is designed around a series of projects. The first project is a YouTube style film review whereby the students first learn the elements of film production. Other projects include a Feature News Story, Genre Parody and live production. The projects are designed to develop skills in the use of green screen editing, NX Sony HD Cameras, After Effects, live vision mixers and managing camera production.