A ‘Boutique’ educational and cultural experience.

The Sheldon College International Program is a tailor-made program that provides an opportunity for all visiting students and study tours to be welcomed into the Sheldon College Family and engage in a world class educational institution, built on the strong foundations of academic excellence for all students. Sheldon College currently ranks in the top 20 schools in Queensland based on academic performance.

The program is designed for students to actively engage in and have access to a range of curriculum and pastoral care programs where the learning is dynamic and complex to allow students to become critical, creative and innovative thinkers, thereby providing them with opportunities to further develop 21st century skills.

Sheldon College has developed an enhanced International Program that seeks to develop:

  • Creative thinkers, problem solvers and innovators who are solution-focussed
  • Critical thinkers who are skilled in information fluency
  • Effective communicators who can work collaboratively
  • Information and media literate students
  • Self-directed and resourceful learners
  • Improved skills in the core literacies of literacy and numeracy
  • Enhanced self-esteem of all participants


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