Confidence / Strength / Excellence

Each member of Sheldon College is a learner, whether they are part of our teaching team or the student body. At the school level, research-validated studies tell us, unequivocally, the most important contributor to improved student achievement is the effectiveness of the teacher. Our students share both the right to and the privilege of having teachers who are considered to be experts in their respective fields, who possess the drive and energy to continuously refine their instructional strategies and practices, and who demand nothing but the best from their students.

We will always maintain the highest of standards in relation to individual scholarship and work habits. It will be those students who possess these attributes who will be best positioned to take the greatest advantage of the many opportunities their future will most certainly provide.

Value-Added Education

Sheldon College offers a comprehensive range of sporting, cultural, performing arts and personal development programs to ensure students can develop self esteem, teamwork and higher order thinking skills, as well as extending individual skills to the highest level.

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