inst Wonderland and Early Learning - A Sheldon College Education in 2017

Children have a special way of putting sunshine into the cloudiest of days!

At Sheldon College we love the energy and uniqueness of small children. It is this inherent love of children that led us to develop a program committed to laying the foundations that will provide children with a wonderful platform for lifelong learning.

Our program aims to promote the development of a child who has the attributes of inventiveness, curiosity, persistence, engagement, reasoning, problem solving, responsibility, imagination and creativity.

  Wonderland is a fully accredited state-of-the-art long day care centre. Its family –friendly atmosphere has made it an obvious choice for parents who are seeking quality child care.
The Centre is fully air-conditioned and has been custom built to meet the needs and interests of every child. Throughout each day, children are given many opportunities to refine and extend their current knowledge and develop many new and exciting skills.

 All of the Kindergarten children engage in a quality program delivered by fully qualified Early Childhood educators. The program has a specific emphasis on play-based learning and recognises the importance of preparing children for their transition to school.
Children graduate from Kindergarten with the skills, knowledge and disposition to enter Preparatory year of schooling with confidence and enthusiasm.

  Preparatory students at Sheldon College are engaged in a rich and innovative program. The Preparatory teachers instil in children an absolute love of learning.
The strong links between each area of Early Learning and extensive and comprehensive orientation programs ensure that all children experience a smooth and seamless transition into Prep.

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