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Science Fair 2017

Mon, August 28, 2017

The 2017 Science Fair was held on Thursday 17 August as part of Sheldon College’s celebration of National Science Week. A variety of topics was showcased with many students having committed a great deal of time and effort to producing their displays.

The Fair provided the opportunity for Year 9 students to show what had been discovered, investigated, research and produced in Term 2 and recognised the talented Year 9 students. Students were able to answer questions and discuss their projects with a thorough understanding of the science involved.

At the end of the Science Fair, a number of prizes were awarded. The high calibre of the student work made these decisions difficult.


Award Name Topic
Gold Medal Harry Towner - Gravitational waves
Silver Medal Alexandra Richardson - Should the school band wear hearing protection?
Bronze Medal Ian Eilander - Aviation, aeronautics and aerodynamics
Principal’s Choice Award Jessica Hoban and Imogen Parker - The use of the cricket as a thermometer
Director of Academics Choice Award Sian Brock - Does music help us concentrate in class?
People’s Choice Awards Koa Robinson - The sports ball sorter, Miguel Costa-Teixeira - The aerodynamics of a Formula 1 Race Car
Class Awards  
9A Sigrid Mather - Visualising sound
9B Hunter Whitlock and Troy Watson - The effect of Minties on memorisation
9C Riley Hoekwater and Kenny Chien - Hydraulics
9D Ella Rhodes - Thermoelectric generator

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