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Keep up the AMAZING work you do

Thu, November 03, 2016

Dr Bishop

Thank you for a lovely evening last night celebrating the achievements of not only the students but showcasing what you and your incredible team from the Board to the groundsman to all of those very special contributors in between. It is so clearly evident through the success of the happy, healthy and rather clever students of Sheldon College.

Again another speech to inspire me to try a little harder, work a little smarter and love a lot more as a parent and very proud Sheldon family.

Attached are a couple of pictures – 1 from our first ‘graduation’ to last night’s COE – 10 down 4 to go…….can we still come after 2020, we do enjoy them?

Dr Bishop I also just wanted to let you know when I do come across a negative parent…..I simple remind them of their choices and let them know that I’m very happy with mine as I have a child who for 10 years has NEVER said I don’t want to go to school (maybe not necessarily on time but she’s getting there) – she’s happy, she’s healthy, she gets good grades and her opportunities are only bound by her imagination. “I’m not sure what more you’re looking for?” I ask My child usually can’t wait until the holidays are over each break……not sure if it’s me but I’m sticking to the theory she just loves HER school HER SHELDON COLLEGE.

Keep up the AMAZING work you do – I wish you’d been one of my teachers.

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