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It Was the Best Thing They Could Have Done

Sat, December 01, 2012

Dear Lyn,

My Grandsons Luke and Benjamin Pearson have attended your school this year. I came as a “Grannie” to tour your school with my son Andrew and his wife Kelly in December 2012. They were looking for a school that promoted learning, where it was cool to be successful, and where the stated rules were taught and reinforced. They certainly found it. I was very impressed when you took us through the school and policies, and most of all with your interactions with the students and staff.

It was the best thing they could have done. Both boys have blossomed. They love learning and feel comfortable in being themselves. Benjamin has had a wonderful year and his teacher has done a superb job of helping him overcome his weaknesses and learning deficits from his last school. You have done an exemplary job of establishing a “lighthouse” educational place of learning.

I always liked to ask children what they had learnt at the end of the day. I pick the boys up two days a week and am pleased to report that there are now animated conversations about learning for the first time in several years. I now have lessons on Indonesian, perimeters, volumes, etc, etc. There are no grumbles or negative comments about other students, teachers or playground incidents. The drive home is now a pleasure.

On a personal note I was Principal of Sunnybank Hills for 10 years and before that Runcorn SS. Maybe that gives me a bit of insight into your educational foresight and application in establishing Sheldon College. Paula Anderson recommended that our family explore Sheldon as one of the possibilities - and how right she was.

Thank you and your team and kind regards
Pam Pearson

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