Fine Art Studios of Sheldon College

The Fine Art Studios of Sheldon College are a nurturing home to the development of visual literacy, aesthetics, technical skills, creative problem-solving and critical thinking. The mission of the Sheldon College Fine Arts Department is to educate students in Visual Art by providing a working knowledge of the relevance of Art in their lives and in society as a whole, while empowering students with lifelong knowledge, appreciation, and understanding of the power of the arts in our society. We build higher level thinking skills and hand eye coordination through the study of different media, techniques, and art history. Students are encouraged to express themselves through their work and critiques of theirs and others work.

Visual communication is part of daily life.  A familiarity with visual art is an integral and essential communicative skill that links human experiences. A comprehensive Visual Arts experience engages the student in meaningful art criticism, aesthetics, history and production. Process, craftsmanship, exposure and connection to a worldview of art-making promote a standard of quality that enhances the individual’s life.

The Sheldon College Fine Arts courses further the artistic development of every student through aesthetic and intellectual experiences that foster creativity and self-expression.

The faculty of Fine Arts at Sheldon College is composed of teaching professionals and practising Visual Artists who share a passion for teaching and who hold the belief that, in a diverse and technologically advancing world, Visual Art serves as an expression of our culture’s deeper values. 

As demonstrated through our mutual development of high artistic and academic standards, our vision for every fine arts student includes the belief that:


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